BOSTON (CBS) – A young Boston woman who fell onto the tracks at South Station early Wednesday evening tells WBZ-TV she was hot and fainted.

Video of the dramatic fall shows 18-year-old Anija Lender free falling onto the tracks while waiting for a red line train.

Surveillance video showing Anija Lender falling onto the Red Line. (Photo credit: MBTA).

She remembers the heat while standing just behind the yellow line. “All of a sudden it got so hot.  My best friend had water and I took some and for a second I felt better.  I don’t know I guess I fainted,” Lender said.

Good Samaritans jumped in to help, and while she was reluctant to move, she remembers seeing the train was one minute away.

“When they asked me, I didn’t know if it was okay to move. Then they said the train is coming and I said ‘move me, move me’,” she said.

She was headed to Carson Beach on the warm evening, but today is hobbling on crutches with a sprained ankle and six stitches above her right eye.  She knows how lucky she was.

“I believe in God, I feel like God really had my back.  He was right there with me,” Lender said.

Commuters call 9-1-1 and rushed to her aid to help the bleeding.  “Somebody gave me water, others were pressing down on my wounds.”

She’s now thankful to those who had more courage than she admits she might have had.

“I’m so glad people came and helped me.  I know if that was me, I would have been scared to jump on the tracks knowing the train was so close,” she said.