NORTH ATTLEBORO (CBS) – It’s coffee designed by local cops, and who knows more about a good, solid cup of Joe?

They call it Five-Oh Coffee, after a slang term for the police. And it’s catching on, while at the same time helping some local charities.

“I’m a 4 cup a day guy,” says Transit Police Officer James Wise.

“Given the opportunity I’ll slam down a pot of coffee,” adds North Attleboro Police Officer Rob Curran.

The two, along with their third partner North Attleboro Officer Denis Donovan, work nights and overnights.

“We drink a ton of coffee. We’re always looking for a high quality coffee,” Officer Wise tells us.

But when they grew disappointed with traditional offerings, they decided to make their own. Five-Oh Coffee was born about 7 months ago.

“Our coffee, when people order it on our website, it gets roasted within 48 hours, packaged and shipped right out. So it’s incredibly fresh,” Wise says.

5 0 coffee Local Officers Make Their Own Joe

5-0H Coffee. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

They developed the blends based on their work hours.  First, the Day Shift.

“It’s definitely a light roast. So if you don’t like dark roast it’s definitely the place to go,” Curran says.

Then there’s Evening Shift. “The most popular blend.  Nice and strong, but not too strong,” he says.

Next is Midnight Shift.  “Dark, thick.  If you want a nice strong, stout cup of coffee, that’s the way to go,” Curran says.

And then, Double Shift Espresso. “If you get stuck on overtime, you’d be reaching for the double shift.  It keeps you going,” Curran says, laughing.

A percentage of the sales goes to charities involved with law enforcement. Expect to pay between $12-$15 for a pound of coffee.

“You’re getting high quality beans.  These are fair trade, shade grown, high altitude grown. We’re putting good product in, so you get an excellent product out,” says Curran.

And here’s a heads up.  Do NOT call the North Attleboro Police Deptartment and try to buy the coffee. It’s called Five-Oh Coffee and you have to get it online.