SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – Female Muni drivers are fighting back against what they claim is a “boys club” culture that is stopping them from running for top union jobs.

Muni workers say they are fighting a clear case of gender bias.

MUNI Employee Algerine Clayton said, “We’re more than qualified to do the job.”

A group of women claim they are unfairly disqualified from running for office.

Willa Johnson, Lacrecia Logan and Algerine Clayton have nearly 60 years of combined experience at Muni.

But when the three woman and two others tried to run for leadership positions in their union, all five ran into an unexpected roadblock.

Muni transit operator Willa Johnson said, “I know they disqualified five out of six women candidates. I think there’s more than a little bias and discrimination in there.”

The union says candidates are required to be in good standing — current on their dues as well as having attended half the monthly meetings over the past year — in order to run for office.

Two of the women missed several months of work — one after a car accident, the other after surgery — but they say it shouldn’t stop them from running.

“I do think it’s because I’m a woman,” Muni operator LaCrecia Logan said. “There’s been five women disqualified. That’s pretty clear.”

All of the women have filed appeals and say they didn’t get as far as they have by taking no for an answer.

“Our personalities are strong…we’re movers and shakers,” Clayton said, “We get the job done and they know it.”