Hi Everyone!

The long New Years weekend is upon us! It’s been a  great holiday season for long weekends! This year the calander was in our favor.

Weather wise much the same conditions but with a bit of a, temperature, break today and tomrrow. (High’s in the low to mid 30’s.)  Then right back to the freezer. Here is what is going on. There is a HUGE High over Alaska. A BIG Low just East of Hudson Bay. Between the High’s clockwise flow, and the Low’s counter-closkwise flow, the Polar Vortex is being shoved right our way. Imaginve a oitching machine, or tennis ball machine, if you will, that has two couter spinning wheels that launch the ball your way. That is EXACTLY what is going on. Unitl those two system break down we are going to  be COLD. But mostly clear. We will, indeed, start 2018 off on a rather sunny note!

And on that positive note let me wish you peace of mind in the new year. If you have that you have it all!

T.G.I.F,..ain’t it the truth!


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