Hi Everyone!

Well the cold is here. That means we are on the way to seeing the freeze leave. I am not sure what is worse the anticipation or the reality of this situation. Personally I think, earlier in the week when we knew what was coming, it was worse. On Tuesday I was thinking, ” Just get here already so we can get this over with.” So now it is just a matter of toughing the cold out a couple of more days. And we will.

The warm up  we’ve been discussing now looks to extend into mid-week next week. Wednesday is the fifth day of the”5 Day.” The low 40’s are the high. This will follow Tuesday’s low 40’s and near 40 on Monday.

Just a couple of more day’s….

And really that if about the story. A generous amount of sun is coming our way so that will at least temper the chill. Which leads me to a final thought and a question for ya. What would you rather have the extreme cold or extreme heat? Would you rather have a wind chill of -5°, or a heat index of 105°? Me, I will take the warm. I can hide in the shade during the day, (or in the AC), then at night, at least, go outside.

T.G.I.F.,….ain’t it the truth!


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