BALTIMORE (WJZ) — While snow has been dumped in much of the eastern part of Maryland, temperatures are expected to dip on Friday morning.

A wind chill advisory is in effect for Anne Arundel, Calvert, Montgomery, and Prince George’s County until noon. WJZ’s Marty Bass says the “real feel” on Friday afternoon will be -6.

Meanwhile in Easton, as much as six inches fell and it brought low temperatures and wind gusts. When the snow was cleared Thursday afternoon, wind gusts blew the snow right back onto the road. Low temperatures will also continue on Friday morning as a wind chill advisory is expected to last until Saturday at noon.

To stay warm during the day, WJZ reporter Mike Schuh says “you know you have enough gear for the outside if you put it all on and you’re standing inside and you can’t take it anymore because you’re so hot and you have to go outside. If you’re comfortable in your gear inside, you don’t have enough on.”

Marty Bass also had a tip for how to stay warm in your jacket. He says to put your coat on five minutes before you go out, let it warm up from the inside and the outside will protect you from the wind.

Maryland is also not the only area with wind chill advisories. Advisories are in effect as far north as Boston.