CHICAGO (CBS) A woman responsible for a deadly crash that killed a little girl in Highland Park is out of prison Saturday morning.

Carly Rousso was released Friday after serving three years of a 5-year sentence for a crash on Labor Day in 2012.

She was “huffing” inhalants from a can of keyboard duster when she passed out behind the wheel of her father’s car and plowed into a family on the sidewalk.

5-year-old Jaclyn Santos Sacramento was killed in the crash. Jaclyn’s mother, Modesta Sacramento-Jimenez, and two brothers also were injured.

Rousso’s father, therapists and her attorney argued in court that Rousso had a difficult life, raped at 14, bullied in high school and mauled by a pitbull requiring 400 stitches.

But Judge Booras had said it was necessary to punish the defendant to protect the public.

Rousso will remain on parole for two more years.

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