CHICAGO (CBS) — Patch crews are out in full force.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is racing against the clock to repair potholes before rain causes more to form.

CBS 2’s Lauren Victory reports from Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood with more on the pesky problem.

A Reddit user said the potholes on North and Halsted always get her.

Hopefully it’s only a matter of time until they’re fixed.

City repair crews filled divots all over yesterday according to the city of Chicago’s Pothole Tracker.

State crews already hit highways this weekend.

More and more potholes are popping up thanks to water seeping into cracks in the pavement, then freezing and expanding.

As roadways warm up again and cars drive over those spots, the pavement crumbles.

CDOT fixed at least 40,000 potholes already this season.

Sometimes dispatching 30 pothole filling crews at a time.

The damaged roads are still taking a toll and they are keeping auto repair shops bustling.

“It’s hitting the pothole, damaging your suspension, possibly damaging the body and possibly hitting other people,” says Bob Pirtle of B & L Automotive Repairs. “Blowing airbags have happened.”

The general manager for B & L Automotive Repairs says he’s seen pothole damage cost as high as $20,000.

Both city and state road crews are worried about the rain in our forecast because it not only causes potholes, but also makes them harder to fix.

If you encounter a giant crater in the street, you can report it to the city of Chicago by calling 311 or visit the city’s website.

If you do it online, you can even attach a photo.