By Mickie McLeod

It’s Day 13 of Survivor: Ghost Island, 16 Castaways were left battling it out to be the ultimate, Sole Survivor. Whose torch got snuffed on last night’s episode? Here’s what you missed:

Reward Challenge and Ghost Island

There were some jumps and tosses to get the reward this week! The two tribes battled it out at the reward challenge in hopes to receive hot coffee and flaky pastries. Food is scarce for the tribes, so it sure was a showdown.

The reward (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Hungry and determined, the two tribes had to race through a series of obstacles, leaping over tall wooden tables, followed by dismantling a tower of heavy sandbags. Once the tribe broke down the tower of sandbags, they had to look for a lever underneath them to release even smaller sandbags. After the little sandbags dropped, the two tribes had to toss them yet farther! This challenge was chaos as bags were pretty much flying everywhere.

Wendell Holland, James Lim, Laurel Johnson, Angela Perkins, Donathan Hurley, Chris Noble, Domenick Abbate, and Libby Vincek (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

The tribes then had to use the bags to hit a series of targets, spinning them down to reveal a flag. The first tribe that hit all three targets and popped up their flags had won the reward!

Chris, the male model from Naviti, revealed on this episode that he was also a former college baseball player. What can this guy not do? He dominates the challenge and throws each toss like a professional, hitting each target with no sweat at all. It was safe to say that Chris won this challenge entirely for the Naviti tribe.

Because they lost, one member on Malolo would be sent to Ghost Island for the night. Naviti decided that Malolo had to draw rocks, and the SurvivorGod’s chose Stephanie to stay the night.

Stephanie Johnson on the fifth episode of Survivor (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Staying segregated from the tribe for 24 hours could mean everything in Survivor. At Ghost Island, Stephanie was breaking down. After receiving no game on the island, her heart sunk. She felt that she could pick up her spirit though. Ghost Island was a time for her to channel her strength with a clear vision and mind. Was Stephanie’s meditation time at Ghost Island what she needed?


Let’s face it; the new Naviti Tribe is unstoppable. Well, Chris sure feels like it at least, and compares himself to a “Diamond in the Rough.” He even shares a “rap” that went a little like:

“I guess it’s fair to say; I was pretty hot today…. you see me glow, this ain’t pay-per-view — it’s a free show. ”  He even adds a little mic drop. Cocky? Confident? I’m not too sure either…

Although he’s feeling like the emperor of the tribe, Chris humbles down to relate to Donathan, as he’s having a hard time missing home. The delicious reward of coffee and pastries got Donathan homesick as he tells both Chris and Laurel how it hits home. Chris shared to Donathan in this episode that his mom is in an assistant living home. The two instantly formed a trust and connection, bringing them closer as they both bonded over their love for their mothers.

Immunity Challenge

Every season I say this, but kudos to the Survivor Production Designers! This week a massive wooden billboard that said “Ghost Island” greeted the castaways as they arrived to compete. The challenge contained a new phrase by Jeff Probst, “Survivor Surfing” for the Immunity.

Bradley Kleihege, Kellyn Bechtold, Stephanie Johnson, Jenna Bowman, Desiree Afuye, Sebastian Noel, James Lim, Domenick Abbate, Chris Noble, Angela Perkins, Laurel Johnson, and Wendell Holland (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

For three rounds, one member from each tribe had to race out into the ocean to retrieve a bag. After grabbing their bag, they’d be pulled back to shore by their tribe while cruising on a body-board. It was quite entertaining.

After three rounds of being dragged with salt water in the face, the two tribes would take their three bags to retrieve a key, unlock a specific code, and then solve a sliding puzzle that revealed “Ghost Island.” The first tribe that made it through the obstacles was safe from Tribal Council.

Jeff Probst and James Lim (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Once again, the Naviti tribe crushed it and won Immunity.

Tribal Council

It’s no surprise that Michael isn’t feeling secure with his tribe due to the previous Tribal Council. He gambled his legendary Immunity Idol on Stephanie, and his closest ally, Brendan, was voted out instead. He didn’t reverse the curse on James’ Survivor: China Idol, which means that the original Malolo three are still on the bottom. It’s every man for himself.

Chelsea Townsend, Sebastian Noel, Stephanie Johnson, Bradley Kleihege, Jenna Bowman, Michael Yerger, Desiree Afuye, and Kellyn Bechtold at Tribal Council (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

The original Naviti five seem to be strong and weren’t cracking. Therefore, the three original Malolo, Michael, Jenna, and Steph had taken their time to plead to everyone why they must stay in this game. Jenna is flirting with Sabastian, and both Steph and Michael are batting their eyes and shmoozin’ up to Bradley, who seems to be the leader of this tribe.

It wasn’t clear who would be voted out. All three of the original Malolo were making great arguments why they should stay. However, the emotions seemed to take over, and it was Stephanie who unanimously was the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Jeff Probst extinguishes Stephanie Johnson’s torch at Tribal Council on the fifth episode of Survivor (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

The Naviti five keep winning as an alliance but continue losing as a tribe. What will change next week? You do not want to miss this crazy season of Survivor: Ghost Island.

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