CHICAGO (CBS) — A 74-year-old Indiana man is in the hospital after police shot him.

They say he called for help then walked out of his house with a gun.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports police are looking into the possibility he wanted officers to fire.

Cedar Lake, Indiana is usually sleepy and quiet. Especially in early spring. But not on Friday.

“I heard pop, pop, pop and found out they had shot someone,” said neighbor Rebecca Florin.

That someone was Rebecca florin’s 74-year-old neighbor.

Cedar Lake’s Deputy Police Chief Carl Brittingham says it began when that 74-year-old man called 911 asking for an ambulance.

He stepped outside when police arrived.

“When he emerged from the house he was armed,” said Brittingham.

Deputy Chief Brittingham says the man did not put his gun down.  That’s when an officer shot him.

Brittingham spent time talking to the man’s daughter, who was at the doctor’s office when she got the call her dad was shot.

Off camera, the family tells CBS 2 he’d been depressed, raising the question as to whether he wanted police to fire.

“That certainly is a possibility,” said Brittingham.

Nearby store owner Jay Patel was baffled by the shooting.

“He’s a nice man, my regular customer,” said Patel. “I know he’s a good man.”

The man’s daughter confirmed to CBS 2 that her dad does own a handgun.

The Lake County Indiana Sheriff’s Department is now investigating the incident.

Police will not identify the 74-year old man.