CHICAGO (CBS) – Here are four fast facts about Kim Turner.

1. Kim Turner noticed three years ago that her stomach had started to grow while her appetite had diminished. She went to see a few physicians before a surgical oncologist at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Dr. Ajay Maker, discovered she had a 20-pound tumor in her belly.

2.The surgery to remove the tumor took three and a half hours to complete.

3. The tumor was so big, a member of the surgical team had to purchase an extra-large container at a hardware store to transport it.

4. Kim has fully recovered.

“I am feeling much, much better and so much lighter,” she says. “I had no idea the way that I felt wasn’t normal. The red flag was that my belly kept getting bigger, even though I didn’t have an appetite. I knew then that something was wrong. If there is anything I can share with others about my experience, it’s to always follow your gut instinct.”