CHICAGO (CBS) — The¬†Chicago Police Department says it will expand “smart policing” technology to the 12th District.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel were joined by community leaders praising the strategy.

More than 80 new officers are hitting the streets as part of what’s being called “predictive strategies” for 2018.

Police Superintendent Johnson says the tools will be used for fast access to information.


“For officers in the field, they’ll be able to access real time intelligence information and data from license plate readers to quickly identify stolen vehicles,” says Johnson.

“The addition of more officers and the application of new technology has actually changed how we police in Chicago,” adds Johnson.

According to the city, the 12th District will have what’s called a Strategic Decision Support Center as well as more POD (police observation devices) crime cameras to be installed in the next month.

The city says across the first eight districts where the smart technology has been implemented, shootings were down more than 30 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

Mayor Emanuel says the tools allow a better response from police.

“Our officers can literally be proactive in preventing a shooting rather than reacting to stop the second,” says Emanuel. “We don’t ever want to see the first one ever happen. We don’t want to wait for that to happen.”


The Mayor adds that another component is a bill he says Governor Bruce Rauner needs to sign.

The Gun Dealer Licensing Act would require, among other things, for dealers to register with the state.


“To really complete this effort is that we make sure the governor signs the gun control legislation that is on his desk,” says Emanuel. “Just like we have here in the city of Chicago…we’re going to take that statewide.”

The Near West side (the 12th District) will get 10 new officers later this month.