CHICAGO (CBS) — A three-year-old boy and two-year-old girl who had been missing have been found safe.

The two are believed to have been taken by their father Wednesday.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez has more from Markham Police Department.

The children were found at the home of a grandmother.

Chief Max Sanders explained how it unfolded.

“Detectives went to the grandmother’s house in Harvey and she complied with investigators,” says Sanders. “She let us take custody of the kids because of the court order that was issued.”

The children are unaware of the death of their mother, 27-year-old Lakisha Roby.

Police say she was killed early Wednesday at a BP gas station in Markham.

That’s where she was seen arguing with her husband, the father of her children.

Several hours after the mother was shot, the father picked up the children at a relative’s house.

But his sister and niece showed up disputing there was ever an order of protection against him.


On Friday, Markham Police said Lynn Washington, the children’s father, is in custody.

Authorities say he is still considered a person of interest in the case.