CHICAGO (CBS) — A ticket buyer gets $1,000 refund.

And now a state legislator is calling today for tougher regulation of online ticket brokers.

This all in response to a report last week by 2 Investigator Pam Zekman.

“I was just floored, flabbergasted,” says Danae Beverley. “My jaw fell to the floor.”

It all happened after Beverley says got a call from about what happened when she accidentally purchased seats for a performance of Shen Yun from the ticket broker when she thought she was buying from the Paramount Theatre box office in Aurora.

As we previously disclosed Beverley thought she was buying four tickets for $130 each.

But as she submitted the order it turned into a $1,070 purchase.

And instead of main floor seats, the tickets were for seats in the second to last row of the balcony.

Her complaints to went nowhere.

But after our story aired, she got the full $1070 charged back on her credit card.

“And it really thrills me to death,” says Beverley.

State Representative Stephanie Kifowit (Dem.84th District) sponsored a bill several years ago to protect online ticket purchasers after receiving complaints from them and theaters.

Now she says more needs to be done.

“There’s a lot of questionable activities with regard to current law and there’s a lot of opportunity for future legislation to try to address these situations,” says Kifowit.

“In your case, changing the price to such absurd levels, to me, warrants an immediate refund,” says Kifowit.

A refund Beverley only got after our 2 Investigators report.

“I am so grateful to you and your team at Channel 2,” Beverley said. “So thank you very much.”

We have repeatedly reached out to the Nevada-based company about this story but have not yet received a response.