By Mickie McLeod


Now that cocky Chris is gone, there are only 12 castaways left on this season of Survivor: Ghost Island ! Strategy in this season is spreading like a virus. Did you miss this week’s episode? I always got you covered!

Host, Jeff Probst (Credit: CBS Entertainment)

It’s no surprise that Dom is relieved since his enemy, Chris, left last week. Although he’s thrilled, he’s also a bit concerned that he may be coming off a little cocky towards the rest of the tribe. Because of this, he decides to take a step back from making the shots for a little while.

Meanwhile, Dom’s closest ally, Wendell, is also feeling apprehensive. He’s pretty nervous that Chris is gone and can tell that the votes are now unpredictable within the tribe. Wendell, however, is making some serious moves! With a Hidden Immunity Idol still in his pocket, he’s playing the game very strategically as he even picks up on behavioral cues throughout the tribe. Another ally of his, Laurel, seems to be behaving strangely around him. Wendell decided to share to her that he has an idol, so she can feel more relaxed. Even though Wendell’s motives were good, Laurel felt a little confused why he wasn’t honest with her about the idol right away.

On this tribe, it’s known to us that Dom, Wendell, Laurel, and Donathan are in a secret alliance of four. It’s unsure where the trust lays, but Laurel knows it’s time to shake things up a bit. Will Laurel trust Wendell continuing in the game? Time will tell.

Wendell reassuring Laurel (Credit: CBS Entertainment)

Reward Challenge / Ghost Island

It’s time for the reward challenge and man; the stakes were high. The reward was for a Mexican feast of burritos, tacos, guacamole, and of course, margaritas! Nothing sounds better for the hungry castaways than this right now.

The tribe of 12 did a “schoolyard pick” and divided into two teams of six. Each tribe had to start off on a raft, balance their way back to shore on a beam, and launch sandbags from a very far slingshot. The goal was to hit all of their six targets down into the ocean. The tribe that had the most endurance and hit all their six targets first won reward!

Wendell in the Reward Challenge (Credit: CBS Entertainment)

The two that won it for their tribe were Wendell and Laurel. They killed it at this challenge and won it for Angela, Chelsea, Donathan, and Libby as well. The six enjoyed their Mexican fiesta, while the remaining six were left hungry. On reward, Wendell continued showing interest in his alliance with Laurel and Donathan. It’s still unknown where their heads may be at though.

Because they won the reward, Wendell and Laurel’s team decided that the losing six would have to draw rocks to determine who would head to Ghost Island. It was Jenna who was sent this week. Unfortunately, while she was there, her urn stated that she was not given a game on this visit.


Individual Immunity Challenge

Old-school Survivor is BACK. Yes, you know what I’m talking about; a Survivor food eating competition! It was a historic moment in Survivor when Gervase in Season One got voted out because of this kind of challenge. I’ll be honest, I ate a worm two summer’s ago, and people thought I was gross. I can only imagine what those same people would say about this challenge…

Sabastian and Kellyn in the Immunity Challenge (Credit: CBS Entertainment)

First round: Two groups of six – The first three castaways of each group to eat FISH EYES would make it to the next round.

Second round: The first three castaways that ate LARVA (Gervase’ bug he ate in Season One) would make it to the next round!

Final three: Michael, Sabastian, and Angela.

Larva (Credit: CBS Entertainment)

Fish eyes (Credit: CBS Entertainment)

I’m tellin’ you; there’s nothing else like this. These eating challenges are so gross, yet so entertaining to watch!

Third round: Now this one was weird. The first two to eat two SEA SLUGS would make it to the Finals. These things were like creepy looking pickles, and it looked like they were crunchy like them too.

Michael and Angela were the two bug eating champs. The final round concluded eating a ton of meat from Nacre (Mother of Pearl). Dancing like she was enjoying it, it was Angela who took this win! She ate her way and won while looking like she was having way too much fun with it!

Although it was Angela that won Immunity, Michael wanted to prove himself (or indirectly someone else) that he came out here on Survivor to play. Michael picked up his Mother of Pearl and finished it while congratulating Angela. When Probst asked why he ate it after losing, Michael explained that it was his one chance in a lifetime to eat something like this, and could be his only time ever playing Survivor. He’s undoubtedly living in the moment of this game.

Chelsea in the Immunity Challenge (Credit: CBS Entertainment)

Tribal Council

Is the tribe getting too comfortable? Where will the moves be played at Tribal?

It’s clear that Wendell is a threat. He’s fantastic at challenges, is calling a lot of the shots, and has a hidden idol in his pocket. Michael, the 18-year-old, (who still is keeping that fact a secret) with a hidden idol also in his pocket, notices Wendell’s game and is ready to get him out. He tends to convince his original Naviti tribe that it’s time to vote Wendell. Angela, who just won the challenge, feels energized and is ready to bring some life into her game. As a result, she shares Michael’s plan with not only Wendell but everyone. She says she’s doing this pot-stirring on purpose, and to be honest, she’s pretty funny to watch.

Immediately, Michael is on the bottom, and has a massive target on his back! Michael is doing all he can to convince Laurel and Donathan to write down Wendell’s name. Laurel and Donathan are in the middle of this as a strong alliance of two. They understand Michael but also want to work with Wendell.

The plan for Wendell, Dom, and the original Malolo was to split the votes just in case Michael had an idol. At Tribal, Michael felt it in his gut and did use his Hidden Immunity Idol, Ozzy’s cursed stick, and saved himself in this game. He shocked the tribe, and it was definitely a smart play because he would have been gone if he didn’t use it. Therefore, a split vote flushed out Michael’s idol, and it was Libby who ended up getting her torch snuffed this week.

Michael relieved (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

When is the right time to seize the moment? Michael played his idol at the perfect time. I would say, he’s an underdog in this game and could win it all! I love this season so much because you never really know who’s in the lead. So much strategy in Survivor: Ghost Island, you do not want to miss next week! Tweet me @mick_cloudy and let’s talk about this awesome season! Don’t miss Survivor: Ghost Island  Wednesday’s at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my recaps every week!