CHICAGO (CBS) —  With less than a month to go until the royal wedding, we got a better glimpse of the bride-to-be.

On the CBS special “Meghan Markle: American Princess” hosted by Gayle King.

The program took a look at her ties to the Chicago area.

Markle’s former sorority sisters gushed about their former classmate, saying they’re not surprised the activist-actress will soon be a princess.

The CBS special featured some of Meghan Markle’s former sorority sisters from Northwestern University.

One of them, Erica Levin, spoke to CBS 2 via Skype on Friday and calls Markle a role model.

“I’m glad I had the experience that I did and the interactions that I could look up to somebody like that,” said Levin. “She’s somebody that rises to the top, somebody who likes to help. I’m very proud she’s out there representing all of us.”

Levin added that Markle is one of the most beautiful people she’s ever met in person.