CHICAGO (CBS) — Emergency crews remove a car from Lake Michigan, hours after the driver drove off Navy Pier.

Authorities are checking for any video to explain how the driver and vehicle ended up in the lake.

The driver did not survive.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards has the story.

Chicago Fire Department dive teams were on the scene within minutes.

By then though the car was already submerged.

“We have cars that go into the water, it is unusual at this location,” said Ron Dorneker, Chicago Fire Department Deputy District Chief. “That car traveled in the water 75 to 80 feet off the pier before it  submerged. Divers were dealing with zero visibility. It was difficult to find in the beginning.”

When they did locate the four door vehicle, they had to break the windows to get into the car and remove the one victim inside.

“At one point in time we had five divers in the water so it was a coordinated effort by four different dive teams from the Chicago Fire Department,” added Dorneker.

It was unknown at the beginning if it was an intentional or unintentional act.

Officials said they’d use security footage from Navy Pier to determine that.