CHICAGO (CBS) — An accused serial rapist  takes the stand in his own defense.

Marc Winner, the former tanning salon owner, gave his side of what happened.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar was in the courtroom and has the story.

Winner, the former owner of Soleil, a tanning salon in the West Loop, answered a barrage of  questions Thursday from attorneys in a monotone voice.

He is accused of  raping a former salon employee identified as J.B. in 2009.

“We were fooling around a little bit and we went to the bedroom,” said Winner, who when asked if he ever forced anything on her he replied “no.”

Winner said the encounter was mutual and denied that the woman pushed him away.

He also refuted the allegations J.B. laid out in earlier testimony. Winner chalks the night in question up to a liquor and drug fueled outing.

The 47-year-old denied ever having sex with J.B.

When the prosecutor asked how he knew it was mutual, Winner said “she was participating.”

Winner has been charged in four separate rape cases. The women all making similar accusations.

Closing arguments begin Friday at 10:00 a.m.