CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s drive-in versus drive-thru.

A local drive-in theater wants customers to boycott the hot dog stand next door.

CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos has the story.

In the world of on-demand everything, there’s a blast from the past in West Chicago.

“We’re one of the last drive-in in the area,” said¬†¬†Jeff Kohlberg, owner of Cascade.

In business since 1961. Trying to keep alive the American nostalgia.

“We have a lot of maintenance issues,” admitted Kohlberg.

But there’s an even bigger headache.

“I just think it’s really rude,” said customer Linda France.

The lights that is, from their neighbor, Scooby’s Hot Dogs.

“The worst problem for a drive-in is the lighting outside the theater,” said Kohlberg.

Kohlberg has complained and has asked them to turn them off. He even offered to pay an electrician.

“He would either relocate the lights, put shields on the lights, put a timer on the lights,” said Kohlberg.

And now he’s telling customers not to bring Scooby’s food inside.

“We’re not going to let our business help him if he’s not going to help us,” said Kohlberg.

With busy season upon him, he anticipates more customer complaints.

“You can’t see anything so there’s no point in really staying,” said France.

There’s one request:

“Turn them off from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. while we’re showing our movies,” said Kohlberg.

CBS 2 could not get a hold of the owner of Scooby’s. A manager at the hot dog stand did say they have their lights so bright to keep their property and their customers safe.

He called the owners of the drive-in theater “childish” and said they would not be taking down their lights.