CHICAGO (CBS) — A Brinks truck driver was robbed at gunpoint in Hammond, Indiana Saturday.

Police say the suspects got away with hundreds of thousands in cash.

The crime happened outside a Chase bank in broad daylight.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports it happened around 7:30 a.m.

At least one shot was fired. Police say a security guard was with the Brinks armored when two masked men, in their mid twenties, robbed the guard.

Investigators say they fired at least once at the truck, took three bags of money as well as the guard’s firearm.

The FBI said the men drove off in a Cadillac that was later found burned at 136th and State Line.

The Times of Northwest Indiana reported the robbers got away with at least $500,000.

Law enforcement will not confirm that number.

No one was injured in connection with the incident.