CHICAGO (CBS) — A five-year-old was caught in gang crossfire. She is recovering at the hospital.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports from the Albany Park neighborhood where it happened.

The five-year-old was shot in the ankle. Police say she was caught in crossfire when somebody started shooting.

Just after 3:00 Sunday afternoon Chicago Police received several reports of shots fired near Wilson and Monticello in the Albany Park neighborhood. Police say a man started shooting at another person and the five-year-old standing in the gangway was shot in the ankle.

“As a mother I’m worried,” said neighbor Veronica Cuevas. “I walk everyday to pick up my child from school, drop them off. Imagine if this was a Monday.”

“It’s not surprising to hear gunshots but to hear that a child was shot, it’s heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time,” said another neighbor Leslie Christensen.

No arrests have been made.