CHICAGO (CBS) — With out of control carjackings in the Chicago area, the city is cracking down and setting up a task force to fight back.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross has the details from police headquarters.

CPD says overall carjackings in the city this year mirror the same numbers from 2017. An average of two carjackings a day in the city. Police say they have the tools to change that.

“If it’s a stolen car, it can tell us that,” said Chicago Police Sargent Keith Blair. He shows CBS 2 real-time scan results that new license plate readers can provide. They pinpoint plates on the road, then see if they match a database of stolen ones.

Potentially speeding up the process of recovering rides.

“It’ll scan a plate a second if not quicker,” said Blair.

The ACLU has expressed concerns about the license plate readers, specifically about the data that’s collected and the potential for privacy violations.

CPD said the information is kept for 30 days then deleted unless it’s part of an investigation.