CHICAGO (CBS) —  He’s back in custody.

On Thursday afternoon police arrested Shane Sleeper. He’s accused of threatening violence at gay nightclubs in Chicago.

Two days ago, he was accidentally released from Cook County Jail. CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports.

It was the result a communications snafu.

Shane Sleeper was arrested Thursday afternoon in the 4800 block of North Clark. Authorities said he was at the home an acquaintance.

The manhunt was launched after Sleeper was released from Cook County Jail on Tuesday, even though he had no bail.

“It happens because you’re dealing with human beings who are making mistakes,” said CBS 2 legal analyst Irv Miller.

Somehow the jail didn’t know Sleeper was charged with several felonies, for allegedly threatening mass violence against a gay nightclub in Lakeview.

“It was originally designated as a misdemeanor. The misdemeanor case was dropped. That’s what the jail thought happened so they released him,” said Miller.

No one is taking responsibility for the mistake. Not the Cook County State’s Attorney Office, nor the jail, nor the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Miller says such an error is alarming and it’s happened before.

“When you have a mistake, when you have somebody who’s potential dangerous that could be released from jail out into the public, it’s serious stuff,” said Miller. “They have to remedy it. It’s been going on for years.”