CHICAGO (CBS) — A CBS 2 original report of the potential dangers White Sox fans could be facing as they walk to Guaranteed Rate Field.

Pieces of concrete, bigger than the size of a glove, on a sidewalk under the viaduct running along 35th Street west of the ballpark.

The concrete blocks appear to have fallen from above and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker has the story.

It could be a considerable risk if you look at the concrete on top of the viaduct, it’s easy to understand why some people are concerned.

When the White Sox play ball, an average of 15,000 to 20,000 people flock to Guaranteed Rate Park. Those coming from the west have to pass under a beautifully decorated viaduct.

But some neighborhood residents deem it dangerous because of crumbling steel posts and chunks of fallen concrete.

“Sometimes I feel that the concrete is falling. You can see that the structure is pretty weak,” said neighborhood resident Srinbash Abarsh.

“Because of the rust and the bricks and stuff it’s not good,” added resident Steve Taylor.

Joe Schofer is a civil engineer from Northwestern University and he saw pictures of the viaduct.

“It may not be a structural problem, it’s on the one hand an aesthetic problem. It scares people, it doesn’t look good,” said Schofer. “It also could be a safety hazard.”

Alderman Patrick Thompson said the viaduct was last inspected right before opening day about a month ago.

He said he tries to stay on top of the railroad companies that are responsible for the viaducts.

“They were doing some repair work,” said Thompson who added that he hasn’t had any complaints from constituents but he understands why some might be concerned.

“Could a piece fall, yes that’s why we are constantly monitoring the situations,” said Thompson.

The Northwestern professor said the falling concrete has no effect on the structure. The viaduct near the ballpark is sound.