CHICAGO (CBS) — Are you looking to wine and dine mom for Mother’s Day?

Maybe a brunch with bottomless mimosas? There are lots of options out there.

If you’re looking for a lavish brunch, the Four Seasons has a $180 package that includes 60 different sweet and savory options.

If you want middle-of-the road, Bar Roma, Shore club, and Foremento’s all have specials under $50.

And if you’re on a balanced budget, and mom is looking for breakfast in bed, a sausage McMuffin, hash browns and an order of hot cakes from McDonalds will cost about $5.00.

But if mom is more of a flower lover, it’s time to head to the florist. You can call it the Super Bowl for florists.

According to the National Retail Federation shoppers are expected to spend more than 2.6 billion dollars on flowers for Mother’s Day this year.

If you haven’t ordered yet, some of the most popular flowers are lilies, roses and peonies. A┬álocal florist explained why flowers are the perfect present for mom.

“They smell great and they usually make people smile,” said florist Erica Gibbons of Steve’s Flower Market. “I’ve never delivered an arrangement and have someone be upset.”

Why so many people go with peonies? It’s a symbol to represent a happy marriage.