SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — Police in Orange County are searching for a man accused of breaking into a teenage girl’s room at night, exposing himself before attempting to get into nearby cars.

The 15-year-old victim gave a sketch artist the description of the man she said was standing over her bed early Tuesday exposing himself.

“What would he do if I didn’t wake up? […] I don’t know, I was just, like, really scared,” the girl, who wished to remain anonymous, told CBS2 News Wednesday. “I just got that feeling that someone was staring at me, so I opened my eyes, and then I see this guy, and I didn’t know who it was.”

She said before she could react, he bolted for the door.

“I was just there looking at the door, seeing if what I saw was real or was it just a dream,” the girl recalled. “But it wasn’t a dream ’cause he opened the door again, and then that’s when he’s, like, ‘Hey, do you want it?’ And then I’m like, “What? What?'”

She said that was the moment he exposed himself to her.

“I just got scared and screamed for my dad,” she said.

Footage from a nearby security camera shows the man wearing a red hat jumping over a back fence into a condominium complex on West Edinger Avenue. That’s when police say he entered a room through an unlocked sliding door.

The teen said the man addressed her in Spanish.”

“She’s asleep, she’s awoken by what she thinks is her father — it’s not, it’s a 20-year-old male, red hat, red shirt, blue or black jeans,” said Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertangna. “He gives her the ‘shh’ sign, he then undoes his pants, exposes himself.”

The video also captured the man attempting to open the doors of some vehicles near the condo.

Later, the man is seeing pulling up his pants as he runs away, prompted, police say, but the girl’s screams.

Police are warning everyone to keep their doors and windows locked, despite the recent warm weather.

“I’m just really scared now,” said one female neighbor. “I was kind of cautious before, but now I’m kind of scared — very scared, actually.”

Anyone with information about the suspect is urged to call the Santa Ana Police Dept. at (714)245-8665.