CHICAGO (CBS) — On Thursday, TIME revealed its new cover depicting a crying toddler and President Donald Trump looking at each other. The sentence “Welcome to America,” in white, stands in stark contrast to the cover’s bright red background.

(Credit: TIME)

In a tweet on Thursday, TIME wrote: “TIME’s new cover: A reckoning after Trump’s border separation policy: What kind of country are we?”

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John Moore told TIME of photographing the toddler, “This one was tough for me. As soon as it was over, they were put into a van. I had to stop and take deep breaths.” He snapped the image of the two-year-old Honduran girl crying while her mother was detained in McAllen, Texas.

“All I wanted to do was pick her up. But I couldn’t,” he said.

On Wednesday, President Trump signed an executive order regarding the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy amid nationwide outcry for the Trump White House to roll back the practice of family separation at the U.S. border. Signing the order in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump told reporters in the room that the administration would still continue its “zero tolerance” policy while managing to solve the issue of family separation.

“We are keeping families together and this will solve that problem. At the time we are keeping a very powerful border and it continues to be a zero tolerance, we have zero tolerance for people that enter our country illegally,” Mr. Trump said.

Hours after Trump signed the Executive Order, a group of about 50 protestors gathered in front of the Art Institute of Chicago to demand the reunification of families that have been separated.