BURBANK (CBSLA) — After months of excitement about what LeBron James could bring to the Lakers roster, Sunday was a less than spectacular unveiling for the team. However, it was only a pre-season game, and lifelong Lakers fans are more optimistic than ever that King James will take the Lakers to their former glory.

“It’s been a struggle,” Genesis Lopez told CBS2 Sunday night. She was pulling for her team, wearing her Kobe shirt at Barney’s Beanery in Burbank. “I was actually at the same spot here when we won the last championship back in 2010.”

That seems like a lifetime ago for some, especially when you factor in that the Lakers haven’t even made it to the playoffs in five seasons. Still, these fans were not deterred.

“I’m a Laker fan [since] I came into this world, man,” said Junior Pina.

“I haven’t been this excited for the Lakers, like, for a while,” another fan said.

“The Lakers have been doing poorly for too long,” said Rick Boyd, who noticed his team missed way too many layups Sunday against the Denver Nuggets. “I coach youth basketball teams. They don’t miss that many layups.”

Denver ended up beating the Lakers 124-107, but fans are looking at this as growing pains on the way to reclaimed greatness.

“We’re not right away gonna jump into, like, being NBA champs again,” insisted Lopez. “I think we’re definitely gonna have to be patient for a while.”

James played less than half the game to prevent any early season injuries.