CHICAGO (CBS) — October is Positive Attitude Month. And there are lots of ways to maintain a happy and healthy attitude.

Real estate broker-turned-author Michael Rosenblum joins CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot in the studio to talk about his new book “Happily Ever Always.”

Rosenblum started out as a dishwasher but later became an independent real estate broker with over $400 million dollars in sales.

“Through all my trials and tribulations I just came to realize that everyone deserves to be in a mindset of happiness. Not misery,” said Rosenblum.

He said achieving happiness is part of a path of self discovery and that can be difficult.

“It’s much like a diamond that goes through the roughest cut and the hardest polish in order to shine to brilliance,” Rosenblum said. “And it’s the same with us as people. When we discover our personal truth, we’re empowered to happiness.”

There’s a mini test in the book to determine strengths and tips on overcoming self doubt.

“You begin to understand that failure is nothing more than success trying to be reborn in a bigger way. And courage is nothing more than moving forward in the face of fear,” he added.

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