CHICAGO (CBS) — A young man described as the most popular student at his Chicago high school was remembered there Monday morning, two days after he was fatally shot.

His killer is still on the run.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams has the latest on the investigation.

Authorities said they are looking for two people who got into a fight and exchanged gunfire killing 18-year-old James Garrett, an honor student at Butler College Prep.

At a packed school vigil Monday morning, many of the students arrived in tears. But soon after it started and memories were shared, crying gave way to smiles and laughter.

James Garrett had that effect on his friends and teachers at Butler College Prep.

There was joyous reaction to video of James dancing. He was the life of the school. An innocent life lost to gunfire at, of all things, a vigil for a car crash victim over the weekend.

No mere statistic, they chanted, in the call and response.

“We say his name. James Garrett! James Garrett!”

We’ve heard this cry before for these names: Blair Holt, Demario Bailey, Hadiya Pendleton and many more.

Excellent students, great kids all. Now add James Garrett, with a 3.9 GPA, the first in class to be accepted to college. And a plea from his sister, Jameisha Garrett.

“I want you all to take that, take that anger. Go do something. Go to school. Do what James wanted you all do. He wanted to be something in this world. You all channel that. Take that and be something,” said Garrett.

Two others were wounded in the shooting. They are expected to be OK. No one has been arrested.