CHICAGO (CBS) — Treasure Island employees are about to lose jobs they’ve had for years and now they’re demanding answers and more.

They’re taking their anger to the streets. CBS 2’s Lauren Victory has the story.

About 700 employees of Treasure Island will not have jobs by the end of the week. Their wallets not the only things empty.

Inside one of seven Treasure Island stores customers strolled through the mostly bare aisles, piecing through heavily discounted products. Several shelves had nothing on them.

Some departments did not have anyone working them.

Treasure Island employees say the chain is closing on too little of notice. They walked into work about two weeks ago and received a letter that they’d have no jobs by October 12. Some were let go that day.

Workers received their last pay checks but health insurance abruptly stopped.

Now the United Food and Commercial Workers International union is suing Treasure Island Foods arguing that store owners violated a state law that says employees need 60 days notice before doors close or 60 days pay and benefits.

A pricing coordinator of 22 years explains how the sudden layoff affected her.

“I was loyal to this company. My check for my bills. I need to feed my kids,” said Sandra Roman. “Right now we’re in a critical situation in my home so we need our rights. We need 60 days pay.”

Treasure Island is facing other legal troubles. The Anthony Morano company just filed a lawsuit recently. It said Treasure Island owes them more than $450,000 in unpaid produce bills.