STUDIO CITY (CBSLA) — A cellphone video has surfaced showing comedian George Lopez getting into an altercation at a New Mexico Hooters with a man reported to be a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

According to CBS 4 in Texas, the 15-second video recorded Sunday was posted by gossip news site TMZ. It starts with a man looking into his phone, saying, “Here comes my boy George” as Lopez appears to walk out of the restaurant. “Jorge Lopez!” the man says before the comedian asks, “Posting more bull****?”

WARNING: Video contains strong language.


Lopez then grabs the man’s phone as the alleged Trump fan says, “He’s a badass! Look at him! He wants to fight me!” Lopez says something unintelligible during the scuffle as he grabs the man’s neck.

“George wants to fight me!” the man says as the video ends.

A person close to Lopez told the site the man had been taunting Lopez the entire night, making pro-Trump comments and screaming “MAGA!”

On Wednesday, TMZ reported the man, aware of Lopez’s dislike of Trump, was only joking with his references to the president. He said that Lopez took away the his phone at one point and started filming his own crotch but failed to record. The man said that after Lopez returned the phone, he tried to cut the tension by telling Lopez, “On the count of three, say ‘Make America Great Again.'” He said that’s when the video starts.

The site reported police are looking into the altercation.

Lopez, a Mexican-American raised in the San Fernando Valley, has not been shy about his disdain for the president. In July, he pretended to urinate on Trump’s battered star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and he regularly mocks the president and his administration on his social media accounts.

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