CHICAGO (CBS) — Two pedestrians enjoying a conversation were run down by a speeding minivan today, and police are now on the lookout for a silver minivan that took off after the crash in Englewood.

It was captured on video but the video is too graphic to show in its entirety. But it may provide clues into who is responsible for the deadly crash.

It happened in a flash. On liquor store surveillance video, pedestrians are seen standing on the corner. Then, a speeding silver minivan jumps the curb hitting two pedestrians.

One victim was thrown clear across the street. She was killed.

 “She was nice, she was kind, she was sweet. Why would somebody do that to her,” said witness Alisha Wilson.

Friends said 52-year-old Connie Mangrum sold cigarettes on the corner regularly.

She was struck along with a teenager who also happened to be standing on the same corner. Many saw the video and could not believe the driver just took off.

Luther Clark was standing nearby.

“They was driving erratically like they was probably high or drunk on on drugs you know,” said Clark.

The teenager who was standing with Mangrum on the corner is still in the hospital. He is expected recover. Chicago police said so far there are no suspects. But there is a silver minivan bound to have some damage to the front end that people should be on the lookout for.