CHICAGO (CBS) —  It’s a heartbroken Chicago mother’s journey for justice.

It’s been seven long years and she wants to know why her son’s murder remains unsolved.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot has been digging into the investigation and has the story from Belmont Cragin near the scene of the crime.

Before a 7:00 vigil Tuesday night, family and friends will pass out out fliers. Elizabeth Ramirez took out a $50,000 loan against her house. She’s using that as reward money to find the person responsible for her son’s murder.

“I don’t want the person that took my son’s life to continue to take other kids’ lives,” said Ramirez.

She is a mother on a quest for an arrest. Her son Harry David Rodriguez, Jr. was murdered seven years ago on Tuesday in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood.

“I want justice for my son. I want justice for the community. I want peace also,” Ramirez said fighting back tears as she remembered October 23, 2011.

“The doctor came and she told me ‘I’m sorry. We tried to do everything we could for your son.'”

Family and friends gathered for a surprise birthday party. Rodriguez was turning 24.

A gunman entered the house, put on a mask, then started shooting. Rodriguez was hit in the chest. Two more men with guns stood in the alley and started firing up to the second floor.

They were from a gang in the area and they thought a rival gang was celebrating. “Correct,” Ramirez said. “He wasn’t involved in no gangs. He wasn’t a bad kid.”

Rodriguez, who loved football, was attending college with the goal of becoming a physical education teacher and coach. In the seven years since her son’s murder, Ramirez said a witnesses provided information.

A person also told police about a man confessing to a crime. Still there hasn’t been an arrest. The dedicated detective that had been investigating retired in 2012.

“If somebody knows something, please I beg you to help us mothers get justice for our children,” Ramirez said.

Chicago police said Area North detectives said the investigation is still active and ongoing, and lines of communication will remain open with the family in the case.