CHICAGO (CBS) —  The search continues for two drivers who not only hit a man but dragged him several blocks and didn’t stop.

Police have released images of two cars believed to be responsible for the hit-and-run.

(Credit: CPD)

(Credit: CPD)

The victim was dragged for six blocks. Police said he was struck by two cars.

The driver got away, but there were at least five cameras along the stretch of road where it happened. That footage could help lead police to the driver.

The news spread quickly in the bustling Chatham neighborhood.

“It’s just inhuman,” said a Chatham resident. “You don’t drag a dog let alone a human being like that and continue to go.”

Yet that is exactly what police said happened Monday night on 79th Street and Cottage Grove. A gym shoe marking the spot where a local man was struck.

“Car came that way and hit him boom,” said a witness. “I came and looked and he is already being dragged down the block.”

The medical examiner has not released the victim’s name but residents know him from the neighborhood. He had just left a sandwich shop before the crash.

“It’s horrible. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody,” said Subway worker Sandra Cortez.

Residents are horrified but also hopeful that the many cameras all along 79th Street may have captured important clues.

“It’s unspeakable that something like this would exist in our society today,” the Chatham resident added.

Police said one of the drivers is possibly a female.