CHICAGO (CBS) — There’s more information coming out of the shooting at a Robbins bar. And it’s not the first shooting there.

A request for details was submitted under the Freedom of Information Act. Authorities provided a report that outlines what police said happened when they responded to the shooting.

Police were told the gunman entered the bar through a side door and began randomly shooting.  He was later found lying on the pavement.

A 30-year-old female bartender was also shot as well as a 33-year-old male.

But that’s where the police information ends. There is no mention of what happened with Jemel Roberson, the security guard killed by a responding Midlothian police officer.

And this is not the first shooting to take place at the bar.

Two men were wounded there in March of 2005 when the bar was under different ownership. An attorney for one of the victims sued the bar under the Dram Shop Act which holds an establishment or host liable if they over serve someone alcohol and that person causes an injury.

The gunman in that incident fired into the bar.

“They were in the entrance way of the bar trying to exit when the shooting began,” said attorney Lawrence Maya. “So they were on the verge of leaving but still in the entrance way. That’s when the bullets started coming towards them. Some of those other bullets did go inside the building.”

Donnie Burton spent a year in prison for that shooting.

The bar settled with one victim for $30,000. Property records indicate the current owner of the bar is Holly Dupart.  She referred questions to her the attorney who has not responded to inquiries.

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