CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s not funny and parents are frightened. Fireworks going off. Not once, but twice at a local high school, injuring students.

There’s new information about the school’s response and what was reported.

The schools principal told parents at Morgan Park High School that school protocols were followed and both local and federal law enforcement were called in and they arrived.

But sources within the Chicago Fire Department said there is no record of a 911 call from the high school, specifically reporting a fireworks explosion, which would have prompted a much larger response.

Through the thick haze of smoke caused by fireworks, Morgan Park students are seen running through the halls Tuesday. According to the Chicago Fire Department, several students needed medical attention. The school was placed on lockdown.

“I saw kids saying ‘I got hit in the leg. What was that? Whats going on?’ And then there was smoke,” said Morgan Park High parent Joanna Thomas who said she was in the building Tuesday. “It was a state of panic. It created a state of fear.”

Then on Wednesday…

“Again we had fireworks deployed in the stairwell near the library,” said Morgan Park High School Principal Dr. Femi Skanes who was taking the heat from parents after a second fireworks incident.

“There was an immediate response to make sure all of our students were safe in real time,” Skanes said.

Some parents are also concerned about the consequences.

“If the punishment is not severe enough, I believe these things are going to continue to happen,” said Morgan Park High School parent Maurice Robinson.

“I haven’t been sleeping well the last couple nights,” Thomas said.

“Every situation really is a teachable moment for them to understand the greater impact of this,” added Skanes.

School staff said they are reviewing security cameras and are confident they will be able to identify those who are responsible. It’s an expellable offense. There could also be legal fallout out as well.