CHICAGO (CBS) — Nearly a week into the investigation, crucial requests for information regarding the shooting death of 26-year-old security guard Jemel Roberson have been ignored.

He was shot and killed by a Midlothian police officer in a Robbins bar the security guard was working at.

The Village of Robbins has stopped returning calls from CBS 2. Local police aren’t providing updates. And Roberson’s family is asking why.

Lee Merritt is the attorney for the heirs of Jemel Roberson.

“The family has no idea how many times Jemel was shot,” Merritt said.

Avontea Boose stood silently during Friday morning’s gathering outside the Midlothian Police Department. Tears streamed down her face as she clutched Roberson’s nine-month-old son in her arms, as others called for transparency.

“We want answers. We want results,” said Leaudre Hill, the victim’s pastor.

Lynne Turner is a friend of the victim.

“We’re trying to put the pieces together,” she said.

Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina had pointed words about the shooting.

“It’s not blue-on-blue crime. It’s blue-on-black crime,” Pfleger said.

Friends and family want to know the name of the officer who shot and killed Roberson, who was working security at Manny’s Blue Room in Robbins early Sunday morning.

They want to know if any video of the incident exists. They also want to know what exactly he was wearing, how many times he was shot and where he was shot. Which is why…

“We are calling for an immediate release of the autopsy report,” said Walter Turner, pastor of the New Spirituality Baptist Church.

A statement from Robbins on Manny’s expired liquor license was requested as well as a full incident report from the morning Roberson died.

Midlothian’s police chief has gone silent. Attorney Lee Merritt said a lack of information is weighing on the family Roberson left behind.

“Release the name of the officer. He has nothing to hide. Release the autopsy report,” said Merritt. “Include in your statements to the public information that goes both ways, that will provide more clarity about what happened.”

On Friday morning, a group of faith leaders called for the officer involved to be terminated from his position at the Midlothian Police Department.

The officer in question is reportedly on paid administrative leave.