CHICAGO (CBS) — More than 48 hours after the snow stopped falling, many Chicago sidewalks are still covered in ice.

Just down the street from a CTA Blue Line stop, lots of people walk by an empty lot in the Logan Square neighborhood. People used different techniques to get by.

Some glide and slide. Or shuffle while keeping both feet on the ground. Others have more of a spring in their step. One man in a furry hat decided to take matters in his own hands. He said he was the property owner.

“I’m out here myself trying to take care of it. Be a responsible citizen,” he said.

Then out of the blue, a plow truck showed up but still unclear was why why the sidewalk was not cleared 24 hours after the storm, as required by Chicago law.

“If we didn’t do it would be three to four inches. I’m taking care of my stuff. I’m single landowner doing my part,” said the man in the furry hat.