CHICAGO (CBS) —¬†A¬†central Illinois home, now without a roof or walls.

A tornado ripped through the physical structure, but the tiny town of Taylorville is overflowing with love. Even from afar, the sight is devastating. The sides of the Phillips’ home blown away.

Lee Phillips rode it all out in his basement with his children and grandchildren.

“When they tell you it sounds like a freight train, it sounds like a freight train,” said Phillips. “Didn’t last that long. It was here and gone.”

But when the 120 mph winds of the twister pass through Taylorville, Phillips’ wife Jan was at church unsure of her family safety.

“We were in the church basement. The lights flickered and that was all and what we thought we were hearing was thunder,” said Jan Phillips. “I couldn’t get home. The roads were closed.”

There are many pieces to pick up in Taylorville but what’s touching so many are the neighbors and strangers rushing in to help.

“I walked out into the yard and there were about 15 high school kids asking what they could do for me,” Phillips said. “They cleaned up our yard. They came into our house and packed our dishes. It was wonderful.”