CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago man seeing results after he teamed up with the 2 Investigators when his neighborhood was hit hard by parking tickets.

There’s something different about the corner of 70th and Paxton. CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker reports, there’s a new parking sign there and residents are happy there’s now a warning for drivers so they know where not to park.

A $60 ticket for parking too close to the stop sign.

In October, CBS 2 reported on Favor’s mission to get the city to install more signs.

“If you drive around here you’ll see multiple tickets, you’ll see a few on boots on the cars,” Favor said. He compared the number of warning signs in the O’Keefe area of his South Shore neighborhood to the number of signs in Roscoe Village, which is much larger. CBS 2 compared dozens of blocks in South Shore and Roscoe Village.

In South Shore, only 35 percent of the stop signs had warning signs posted near them. In Roscoe Village, it was 65 percent.

Now, Favors has counted 10 new signs and figures the community needs another 50.

“I’m appreciative and hopefully by spring next year, we’ll have all the signs that are needed next to stop signs,” he said.

Neighbors have also noticed.

“I think signage is good. Because at least you know if you park there, then you know you’re going to get a ticket,” said South Shore resident Lagrand Ross. “It’s good.”