CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s being called a new low in Chicago election politics.

Forces allied with 13th Ward Ald. Marty Quinn not only scheming to get an opponent off the ballot, but also encouraging voters to commit perjury to do it.

Even longtime political pros said they’ve never seen anything like this. They said Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s ward organization crossed the line and perhaps broke the law, to eliminate a challenger.

DePaul student David Krupa wants to be alderman of the 13th Ward. Problem is, that offends powerful Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan who runs the 13th Ward.

“He feels threatened,” Krupta said. “So he’s doing everything he can to take me off the ballot.”

Everything, according to the lawyer for 19-year-old Krupa, including breaking the law.

“It’s almost embarrassing how stupid this type of fraud was,” said attorney Michael Dorf.

To explain, it requires a bit of math. Krupa filed 1,703 signatures to get on the ballot. But Madigan’s operatives collected 2,796 affidavits from voters revoking their signatures supporting Krupa.

That’s 1,093 more voters asking to reverse their support than ever backed Krupa in the first place. Something doesn’t add up.

“At least 1,000 false affidavits. And then we started looking and we found more,” Dorf said.

Marty Quinn is Madigan’s 13th Ward alderman and Krupa’s opponent. Quinn was not available at Chicago City Council. He wasn’t available at his ward office either. Madigan’s election attorney Michael Kasper, who filed the revocations, isn’t talking either.

A 13th ward voter backs Quinn and questions Krupa’s youth.

“Voters should have a choice,” said Joe Cubas. “But I would prefer a choice with someone with experience.”

But Krupa said he wants to provide that choice.

“I certainly think that people could be looking at criminal charges,” Krupa said.

The two sides will trade legal briefs ahead of a Saturday hearing before the Chicago Election Board. But if Krupa is removed from the ballot, he’s promising to take his case to the Illinois State’s Attorney, the Illinois Attorney General or federal court.