CHICAGO (CBS) — A new development after a CBS 2 Investigation.

A lawsuit was filed Thursday after a nine-year-old said he was whipped with a belt by a stranger inside his Chicago public school.

CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini first exposed what happened to the child. He reports on what the family is doing now.

Juanita Tyler is accused of going inside George Tilton Elementary School in Chicago and beating a nine-year-old boy. The alleged attack last September was first detailed in an exclusive CBS 2 Investigation Wednesday night.

“She told me to pull down my pants. But I didn’t. So she got mad and she started whacking me with the two belts,” said Jomaury Champ.

Champ said he was dragged by Tyler and his teacher Kristen Haynes into a bathroom. Then Tyler repeatedly whipped him with two leather belts.

“I point the finger at CPS because school is safe haven for kids and kids are supposed to be protected no matter what,” said Champ’s mother Asia Gaines. She along with attorney Al Hofeld Jr. filed a federal lawsuit against Chicago Public Schools.

“He is now severely traumatized,” Hofeld said.

They said the child did even know Tyler, who is a distant and estranged relative. So to him, she was a stranger who got into his school and beat him until his skin broke.

“She was holding the tip of where the belt buckle was that’s when she started whacking me,” Champ said.

Tyler denies hitting Champ, but has been criminally charged. She admits going to the school and in bathroom, but only to talk to Champ about his behavior. Turns out she and the teacher were childhood friends.

The boy’s teacher Kristen Haynes was also charged with battery.

“Mrs. Kristen Haynes called the belts Mr. Brown and Mr. Black,” Gaines said.

“The belts are being held by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office as evidence,” Hofeld said.

Hofeld Jr. said he has information from others who said they had the same teacher and also were hit with belts. The family is also fighting CPS to pay for transportation so he can attend another school.

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