CHICAGO (CBS) — A senior living in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood said she hasn’t gotten her mail in two months and so far her post office hasn’t been able to help.

CBS 2’s Megan Hickey has the latest.

The woman said she’s missing important bills and letters and it’s taking a toll on her financially. Her local post office said right now they can’t exactly explain it, but they are going to investigate.

Another trip to the mailbox – and Valerie Adams Hatley comes up empty handed. It’s been this way since December. Two months without…

“My gas bill, my light bill, my credit cards, Social Security information my insurance,” said Hatley who said she only received a few pieces of junk mail.

Hatley said her health insurance company told her they sent a new prescription card. But she hasn’t gotten it. And she said she can’t afford her prescriptions without it.

“Somebody should be able to tell me what to do,” Hatley said. “I just want to get my mail.”

The problem stems from a change of address form she submitted a year ago when she moved just one floor up in the same building. The United States Postal Service said they forward first class mail for a limited period of one year. After the one year period, the mail is returned to the sender “forwarding order expired.”

Hatley said she’s updated her address with the senders, but still nothing.

CBS 2 ran into several people inside the post office at 74th and Exchange on Tuesday who sympathize because they said they also had issues with their change of address. Andrew Holloway said he ended up without mail for three months.

“They’re making us feel like we’re idiots,” Holloway said who added that the process could be clearer. “We missed lots of stuff.”

When it comes to Hatley’s current case, the branch manager said they’re well aware of her issue. Because of the inquiry by CBS 2, the manager said she’s going to look into whether there is a processing problem before it gets to their office. And she’s sending some test letters to see where they go.

Hatley said she’s grateful and hopes the problem is straightened out soon.

USPS is also offering to take down information about the missing pieces of mail to provide those details to the delivery office in the hopes of sorting things out.

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