CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago congresswoman was one of several lawmakers on Capitol Hill who questioned President Trump’s former attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen about payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels at the request of Trump.

Representative Robin Kelly (D-2nd) asked Cohen about why money was paid to Daniels, who claimed to have an affair with Trump, through an LLC. Cohen said while it wasn’t complicated to set-up the system, he did it so Trump’s wife wouldn’t find out about the payments. But President Trump was well aware of the plan.

Kelly asked why the payment didn’t come from Trump’s business account. Cohen said Trump was concerned his signature would be recognized.

“Even after she (Daniels) cashed the check, all you need to do is make a photocopy of it and it’s kind of proof-positive on exactly what took place,” said Cohen.


Cohen was in Washington Wednesday to testify to Congress about his dealings with President Trump. Kelly followed up by asking Cohen questions as to how Cohen was to be reimbursed for making the payments to Daniels and that, despite efforts to cover-up the action, Cohen faces prison time.

“I obviously wanted the money in one shot. But in order to be able to put it onto the books, (Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer) Allen Weisselberg made the decision that it should be paid in 12 months so it would look like a retainer,” said Cohen, who added that Trump knew about it.

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“Everything had to go through Mr. Trump and it had to be approved by Mr. Trump,” Cohen said.

Kelly remarked “and now you’re going to prison.” He faces three years behind bars.

Cohen also is expected to testify about possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. He likely will face intense questioning by members of the House Oversight Committee about the lies he told to congressional investigators in 2017.