CHICAGO (CBS) — There are plenty of political flyers in the race for the next mayor of Chicago, but now hateful leaflets have turned up in unlikely places.

As Lori Lightfoot enjoyed another round of labor endorsments, she was also dealing with anti-gay flyers that showed up on the windshield of worshippers outside black churches.

“Any attempts by anyone to propagate hate, we have to stand together as a city and denounce it unequivocally,” Lightfoot said. “Because hate can have no place in this city.”

The fear-mongering flyer claimed if that Lightfoot is elected: “All contracts, jobs and employment would be assigned exclusively to gay people.”

Some flyers were found outside the House of Hope megachurch, headed by the Rev. James Meeks.

“Unfortunately, I think it was broader than Rev. Meeks’ church from the reports that we’ve heard,” Lightfoot said.

Indeed, reports said the flyers appeared outside Apostolic Faith Church in Bronzeville on Indiana as well. If victorious, Lightfoot is set to make history not only as Chicago’s first black female mayor but also Chicago’s first openly gay mayor.

Lightfoot’s campaign hoped Willie Wilson’s endorsement might help win over conservative black churchgoers, the very group at which the flyers are apparently aimed.

Lightfoot’s opponent, Toni Preckwinkle, critized the flyers as well.

“Sure, I condemn them. They have nothing to do with our campaign. They’re disgraceful,” Preckwinkle said.

Lightfoot called the flyers an unfortunate distraction.

“I feel very confident if we keep working hard and stay focused and not let these things derail us, we’re going to have a broad mandate for change in this city. That’s what I’m focused on,” Lightfoot said.

Those flyers are now attracting national attention as well.

Annise Parker, the former Mayor of Houston, who is also openly gay, said the attack flyers are infused with bigoted stereotypes too often used against gay candidates.

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