WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  “It’s like holding on to a flag in the middle of a hurricane. That’s how fast the waters moving down at the bottom,” says Solano County Sergeant  Jackson Harris.

Another frustrating day for dive teams and the Sharma family. 

They are almost sure Shalvinesh and Roselyn’s bodies are at the bottom of the Sacramento River.

But no one has been able to help. 

“My heart breaks and brings me out here to be part what we can do little for the family at any point in time,” says family friend Satisa Sharma. 

The family thinks the couple crashed a tow truck on the Pioneer Bridge, sending them into the river. 

That was four days ago.

The currents are too strong for local divers. 

So CHP asked Solano County divers to help. 

But the water is still too dangerous.  

“Safety is paramount when we’re out here,” says Sergeant Harris. “We’re not going to cause any further complications by putting our divers into jeopardy” 

Sonar is being used to find the location on the tow truck. 

Then divers go into the water for as long as they can, searching. 

“Our divers are down there until they’re too cold to keep going,” notes Harris.

After about 45 minutes, they would resurface, and try again. 

But each time, they say the water was too strong to get close.

Friends and family lining both sides of the river, feeling helpless as they watch and wait. 

“Even if we know what the end result will be but the heart is not consoled until we see them and we do what we are supposed to do towards our loved ones,” says Sharma.