CHICAGO (CBS) — Only on CBS 2 — Alsip police catch two men after a fight at a funeral that led to a police chase.

Exclusive dashcam video showed one of the suspects on the run. The other in custody. Officers said they found weapons on the men, but that’s not all.

CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas reports they were driving around with toddlers in the car.

Police said it all started with a dispute Saturday afternoon at the Restvale Cemetery in Alsip. Officers said a man pointed a gun at someone, somebody called the police and officers tried to stop the suspect’s car, but the driver took off, leading police on a chase.

The dashcam video shows two men running away from police about two and a half miles from the cemetery. Officers said they’d just crashed into a light pole and lost control of their car near 111th and Pulaski.

Police said Deeric Stevens went into a neighborhood bar and Tyrone Davis ran into the Mount Greenwood neighborhood.

“They’re pulling this guy from underneath my deck,” said Kevin Lasak, who added that police found Davis hiding in his backyard, all while Lasak’s two young kids were home.

“I thought about my family first. I told them to stay upstairs. It’s very frustrating, you know. It’s your home,” Lasak said. “You want to feel safe, but when that happens, you don’t feel safe.”

People told the police they thought the other suspect was inside the bar. Police arrested Stevens. Authorities said they found four guns in a bag, two of them stolen.

“It was at that time that they identified that there were two two-year-old children in the vehicle,” said Alsip Police Chief Jay Miller.

Miller said one of the kids wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and broke his femur from the crash. Police added that they called off the pursuit shortly before the crash out of safety concerns, but continued to follow from a distance.

They didn’t know at that time about the kids or the guns.

“It’s extremely frustrating. Just the mere sense of complete disregard for children who had nothing to do with this.”

Stevens faces four felony counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Davis faces two counts of causing a child to be injured and several other charges.