CHICAGO (CBS) — At least five burglaries in just three days in one area of Lakeview have people living there worried about when and where the thief or thieves might hit next.

They’ve all happened in or near the 3800 block of Janssen.  CBS 2’s Mai Martinez has the story.

Chicago police said they arrested a man Friday morning after he went into someone’s home about a mile from the area. Investigators are now trying to determine if he’s connected to several burglaries on that block and throughout the 19th district.

For many in the 3800 block of Janssen, the burglaries this week are unnerving.

“I thought it was a safe area,” said resident Sarah Slamowitz.

Nikola Srkova also lives in area.

“It’s kind of scary, but I’m trying not to think about it,” she said.

According to Chicago police, at least four homes on the block were hit. Three on Easter between 10:25 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and the fourth around 12:30 a.m. Monday.

“It’s crazy.  I mean I don’t know how people are getting away with it,” Slamowitz said.

“These were unlocked doors either front or rear doors,” said Commander Marc Buslick. “We have burglars who are looking to make an easy score which means they’re just checking doorknobs. It’s just a crime of opportunity.”

And Comander Buslick said that’s how a burglar arrested Friday got into a home.

“The resident went out. She left the door unlocked because her children were in her place. She came back and she heard some noise in her basement, a burglar had come in the unlocked door,” said Buslick. “We are looking at all of the unsolved burglaries, seeing what he may have been responsible for.”

Buslick said despite public perception, burglaries are actually down in the area.

“We are down 27% in burglaries over the last year,” he said.

Still, people living in the area said after several car thefts and break-ins a couple of weeks ago, and now the burglaries, they just don’t feel as safe in the neighborhood.

“I definitely used to sometimes leave some of my doors open just out of convenience,” Slamowitz said. “Especially if I was just taking (a dog) out for a quick walk. I definitively don’t do that anymore.”

Police are recommending people keep their doors and windows locked.

As for the man arrested Friday morning, currently he is only facing charges from Friday morning’s incident and it is a misdemeanor charge.