CHICAGO (CBS) —¬† Residents said it’s happening every day.

Semi-trucks blowing through residential “no truck” zones in River Grove. And neighbors said the opening of a new shipping center in town has only made it worse.

CBS 2’s Megan Hickey is in River Grove.

Many residents objected to the new shipping center. They said they were assured that the trucks wouldn’t be a problem. But now some residents tell CBS 2 they have to move.

A semi blew through the clearly marked “no truck” zone in front of Jim Fatigato’s house.

“They will try to do it every day and get away with it as much as they can,” Fatigato said.

At a community meeting a year and a half ago, Fatigato voiced concerns that this would happen. Now he claims that it’s gotten so bad, that after 26 years at his home, he’s putting it up for sale.

“Me and my wife can’t do it anymore. It’s impossible to live here,” he said.

Toni Reynolds also lives on “no truck” street.

“The truck traffic is so bad, the roads are so torn up,” Reynolds said.

When it happened again, this time, the driver said he didn’t see the signs.

“Only my GPS show for me,” said the driver.

The area has always had trucks  but neighbors tell me they noticed the uptick as soon as construction started on the Go 2 Logistics warehouse and shipping facility about a year ago.

“There’s a lot of pedestrian traffic that you have to worry about, let alone the trucks come barrelling down the road,” Reynolds said.

Police records showed that since early 2018, the nearby “no truck” streets have had dozens of violations. And residents argued that those are just the truckers that get caught.

The village said it is actively addressing the concerns. Police are out seven days a week and they’ve put up additional street signage.

As for Go 2, no one would answer calls, so CBS 2 went in person. But no one was available to talk.

The village said the stretch is zoned for commercial use and that this problem existed long before the new facility went in. Many neighbors nearby said the other businesses in the area seem to keep to regular business hours.

But the new facility is open nearly 24 hours a day.